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Hi friends. It's been a while since we posted and I appreciate the notes from some of you who've missed us! Wanted to let you know where we've been...

Paige just turned in her first book last Thursday and is neck deep in plans for her upcoming wedding to Chris (11/11/11) "Like" her on Facebook to get news about it all.

Margot has been busy writing blogs for Christianity Today (Her*meneutics), getting her new book Small Things with Great Love promoted (releases January '12), and locking in a new book deal on some more titles to come.

Sharon has been traveling and speaking and counseling, and is working on a new book idea that she'd love your "Salvation Stories" contributions for.

As for me, (Constance), I've been slammed hosting our first ever Celebrity Spelling Bee fundraiser for FINDINGbalance, with Tenth Avenue North, Jonny Diaz, Melissa from Superchick and others.

It's been a whirlwind, and a necessary time to press "pause" here in the name of balance. We miss being connected with you through our podcasts, though. Hopefully we can reconnect soon.

In the meantime, why not dig back to some of the past year's shows? I love how God can reveal new things all the time... even when it's not new to us...

About Dad…

Constance and Margot just got back from Hungry for Hope, where a whole day was spent on the Dad/Daughter relationship. A tough situation for many of us. Hear some of what they learned about how to heal some of those old father wounds.


Links mentioned in this week's show: Emily Wierenga, Michelle Watson's The Abba Project.

NOTE: We promised to post a PDF of the "Earthly Father vs. Heavenly Father" worksheet here but the scanner is broken. Send a note to Michelle via her Abba Project website and I'm sure she'd be glad to send you one.

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Today's guest is actress and "pro-responsibility" speaker Lauren Roman. In her second year of college she landed a dream job on TV's All My Children, only to find herself thrown into a binge/restrict eating disorder as a result of pressures to look thinner for the show. Following a season of deep depression, she found herself grappling with a choice she had made years earlier: abortion. Her story of pain, forgiveness and redemption is what we talk about today.


Resources for anyone wrestling with abortion/post-abortion issues:

http://www.nationalhelpline.org or for their 24/7 helpline, call: 1-866-482-LIFE; http://www.silentnomoreawareness.org; http://www.abortionrecovery.org  

To connect with Lauren: Lauren@setfree4freedom.com; www.setfree4freedom.com; www.twitter.com/setfree4freedom

For information about FINDINGbalance Gatherings like the one Lauren leads for those struggling with eating and body image issues visit www.findingbalance.com/gathering.  

"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, therefore, and submit not again to a yoke of slavery." - Gal. 5:1

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bridesmaids.jpgThe new Kristin Wiig movie Bridesmaids is a bit raunchy but has some redeeming qualities, all humor aside.

Do you ever live like a "victim," blaming everyone else for your problems? Have you given up your dreams because something - or someone - tore them apart? Constance, Margot and Sharon get real with their own stuff in these areas. It's good...

 PS: Coming next week, former All My Children actress Lauren Roman shares her story of abortion and redemption.

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Jeremy Rochford realized he needed to change when one summer on vacation with his family he couldn't even fit into a go-kart made for "larger people." He was just a teen. Now the author of "The Gospel According to Chubby," he's passionate about motivating those who feel stuck and unchangeable.











See more pics and buy Jeremy's book at www.jeremyrochford.com

We also discuss Christa Black's post on The Perils of Swimsuit Season.

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Paige and Constance traveled to the Dominican Republic last week with Compassion International. Hear suprising details from the trip and how you can be a part of what we're calling "true:shift". We'll also get into what happens when our lives are seemingly out of our own control. Like Constance's is right now...

AND DON'T MISS NEW PHOTOS in our Flikr photostream...

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Shame. On you.

Last week 20/20 covered the story of Tina Anderson (www.tinaandersonfoundation.org), who at fifteen was abused by a thirty-eight year-old church member and became pregnant. Her pastor's response? To send her away to keep things "quiet" while she dealt with her "sin." Not cool, but all too common.


Turns out Tina's path crossed into people (and churches) that Sharon knew very well, which prompted Sharon's recent blog post "Shaking Like a Leaf." Today's conversation digs into Sharon's own story, the ways that shame is used as a tool to prevent embarrassment and control people, particularly people in the church, and a healthier way to deal, as modeled by Jesus.

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Constance gets down and dirty about her use of fart-pants on the Girls of Grace stage last weekend. Which, while pleasing to some, are definitely a stage risk... especially if you're determined to never let anyone down. Was it worth it? Find out on today's podcast.


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As reported on The Today Show last week, we are more likely to lie to our friends than anyone else. In today's podcast Sharon, Paige, Margot and Constance reveal some of our own lie-telling, and explore what it is that tempts us to be dishonest with those we care about most.

We also talk about how to have good hair. Cause that's pretty important too, ya know...

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In honor of Julia Roberts - ok, not really... let's just say that today's totally unscripted podcast captures in three parts, three very different issues that three of the "sisters" are wrestling with.

For Constance, it's learning to recognize the "child" part of herself that needs permission to play. For Paige, it's looking at her upcoming wedding AND book that are happening in the next 7 months and the fears associated with how it's all going to come together. And Margot's coming to some unpleasant realizations about her, um, less-than-pleasant feelings about serving others.

Sharon will join us next week when the conversation continues. We kinda like not knowing where it might go...

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